Delicious fish created differently. 



Another Fish aims to democratize access to delicious, nutritious, and radically more sustainable whitefish fillet without any animal compromise. Our goal is to produce a whitefish fillet using a simple, scalable method that will eliminate the need for fish farms and move production from sea to land. We hope to alleviate the devastating ecological and environmental impacts of current fish production practices, and allow communities far from sea to incorporate local, nutritious whitefish into their diets.



We propose growing whitefish cells substituting ‘real’ fish in traditional seafood recipes, bringing the same sensory and cultural experience that fish lovers expect. Our product is free of hormones and antibiotics and is designed to have a price-point similar to current consumer options. This simple, filler-free approach will resonate with people seeking a cruelty-free, eco-friendly alternative to natural fish.

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How does science work?

Our product requires only one cell line grown in a media free of hormones and antibiotics. Our unique genetic engineering approach will allow cells to be grown in a protein-free medium.


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